Amea and Devra-Kelly

When did you two meet? 

Devra: So we met on interview day, and so I was talking back from the Lyceum, and this girl was getting on my nerves. Amea was sitting alone, and I said, “If I leave, then I might make friends.” So I became pals with Amea. 

 Amea: I was in the Union, and I was hungry. I was really really lost, and I just sat down at a random table. Devra just showed up. 

What were your first impressions of each other? 

Amea: A crazy southern grandma 

Devra: I thought she was really chill and pretty 

What are each of your favorite memories together? 

Amea: We used to do this thing at the beginning of the school year where we will make videos, singing a song very poorly.  

Was that your favorite? 

Devra: No, yesterday, she pulled a staple out of my hands with tweezer, so I think that is real bonding there. 

What is yall’s favorite inside joke? 

Devra: Maybe wrist… (laughter) 

Amea: Every time we see a cute guy, we just say “wrist.” Wrist is our best one.  

What’s your favorite class? 

Amea: I like Schoolfield and poetry 

Devra: I like chemistry 

What is something you miss about high school? 

Amea: I miss drill team and the small town aesthetic. 

What is one thing that you started doing at TAMS 

Devra: Oh, I sleep a lot later. I am no longer a zombie in the mornings because I get to sleep in. 

Amea: I eat really poorly.  

Devra: I eat fruits and vegetables now. 

What is something that you stopped doing at TAMS? 

Amea: I run a lot less because I am so busy with schoolwork and sleep. 

Devra: I hang out with people a lot less. I dance a lot less. I do fun stuff, artsy stuff, a lot less. 

What are you looking forward to the most at TAMS? 
Amea: Making friends, joining clubs and volunteering 

Amea: Making friends other than Amea 

Devra: I’ve cried 65 times in the past month… we only count full-blown sobs. 

Amea: She’s cried over queso before. 

Anything else you want to include in this interview? 

Devra: Our room is the cutest, room 245 

Amea: We have snacks, and we just want friends. 

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