Harish Suryadevara (Class of 2021)

by Halle Summit

Harish Suryadevara (Class of 2021) stands in front of McConnell Hall. Photo by Raffer Li of Replay

Harish Suryadevara (Class of 2021) stands in front of McConnell Hall. Photo by Raffer Li of Replay

Harish Suryadevara talked to us about his experiences at TAMS so far and his plans for the future.

Tell me about your TAMS experience so far. Are there any activities you've gotten involved in? 

Harish: TAMS has been really fun and worth it so far, and it has a lot more opportunities than my old high school. I've definitely loved getting into volunteering more here, especially with events such as SciDemos, Revive, and Aspire.

Tell me about JETS SciDemos. What does volunteering with SciDemos involve?

Harish: So SciDemos is a program where [TAMS students] volunteer to show science experiments to kids in local Denton elementary schools. For example, two weeks ago, we did an "elephant toothpaste" experiment to show off how chemical reactions work. [SciDemos is] really fun and rewarding, and everyone should do it at least once.

Considering your involvement in SciDemos, are you thinking about pursuing a science career?

Harish: I'd definitely love to go into a research career in neuroscience or molecular biology. I really love exploring new concepts, and I’m especially passionate about those two fields.

Are you looking into any research in neuroscience and molecular biology here at TAMS?

Harish: So hopefully I'm going to be working in Dr. Li's lab, which analyzes blood data in the brain. That definitely satisfies my interest in neuro[science], ‘cause the data collected can be used to analyze brain activity.

Harish: I’d like to stick to the topics I’m interested in, but I’m more than happy to explore when I can!

You also mentioned that you're involved in TAMS Research Organization’s Aspire Program. Can you elaborate more on what that is and what type of work you do with the organization?

Harish: So ASPIRE mentorship is where TAMS students go to a local middle school to help kids [with] science fair projects for the Intel science fair (Broadcom MASTERS). Right now, I'm working with a student to construct a microbial fuel cell.

You also mentioned you're involved in HOPE’s Revive. Can you explain what that is and what type of work you do with them?

Harish: Revive is an organization that helps with special needs kids. So every other Friday, [TAMS students'] volunteer for a couple [of] hour, spend[ing] time with a special needs kid and their siblings so that their parents have free time. I only joined recently, but it’s a lot of fun, and it’s great to know I’m helping people out.

And finally, what do you hope to get out of your experience at TAMS?

Harish: I hope to make lasting friendships and memories here, and use the opportunities present here that I wouldn’t have gotten at my local high school.

Thanks for speaking with us!

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