Sage Copling (Class of 2021)

by Harini Repaka

Sage Copling tells us about his experiences and activities with sports and research at TAMS.

Sage, thanks for speaking with us. To start, I’d like to know how your TAMS experience has been. What sort of activities have you gotten involved in so far?

Sage: It’s been fun. I’ve done GOAL volunteering, soccer, football, basketball, and ultimate frisbee, as well as doing choir and Doc Bhangra here.

That is awesome! For those who might not know, what is Sports Club’s GOAL volunteering and how do you volunteer?

Sage: GOAL volunteering is teaching students from Denton ISD how to play soccer. I volunteer by going in a van.

Also, have you always been interested in sports?

Sage: Yes, I’ve played multiple sports for most of my life.

Sage Copling poses outside of McConnell Hall. Photo taken by Raffer Li of Replay.

Sage Copling poses outside of McConnell Hall. Photo taken by Raffer Li of Replay.

Which sports?

Sage: Sure. Including grade school, high school, and TAMS I’ve done baseball, basketball,  football, soccer, fencing, swimming, frisbee, and tennis (a little) as well as ping-pong.

I also hear that you’re working in a research lab. What has that been like?

Sage: I am working with Dr. Paolo Grigolini on the dynamical foundation of multifractality, complexity matching, and more. 

That's great! How did this field interest you in the first place?

Sage: I was looking for research in neurobiology and was referred to [my professor].

And were you looking for a neuroscience lab specifically?

Sage: Neuroscience originally.

So tell me about the volunteering work you like to do.

Sage: I like to volunteer to help kids learn soccer. I also on occasion table for clubs.

Finally, how have you been enjoying TAMS so far?

I think TAMS is a good collaborative environment to teach and learn, and gain valuable research experience. I’m glad I applied!

Thanks for speaking with us, Sage.


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