Siddharth Thakur (Class of 2021)

by Alex Zhang

Siddharth Thakur (Class of 2021) talked to us about his passion for engineering, and how he is exploring that through activities at TAMS.

Siddharth Thakur (Class of 2021) poses in front of McConnell Hall. Photo by Raffer Li of Replay

Siddharth Thakur (Class of 2021) poses in front of McConnell Hall. Photo by Raffer Li of Replay

Siddharth, I would love to hear how your TAMS experience has been so far. Which clubs and activities have you gotten involved in?

Siddharth: I have gotten involved in a lot of research at Discovery Park. I am in two labs and have spent most of my time there. I have also joined the robotics team here at TAMS, and I love building and working with the other engineering-oriented students. I also have gotten involved with the sports club at TAMS. I am on the soccer team and love playing with the team and practicing to strengthen our skillset and improve as a team. I am also involved in powderpuff, and I’m on the cheer team for this year's event. I am looking forward to continuing my passion [for] these clubs throughout this year!

So tell me a little bit about your research. What sort of things are you researching and why did you decide to look into those fields?

Siddharth: My first lab is researching ultrasonic communication through thick metal walls for applications in nuclear plants, to communicate from inside the fuel rods to the outside world without invasive wiring. I am specifically working on signal modulation and demodulation for communication. I am researching and creating circuits that are necessary for the signals for ultrasonic communication.

Siddharth: My second lab is working on creating wireless sensors networks to monitor soil moisture, crop health, temperature and humidity in large agricultural fields. These nodes will be deployed are wirelessly transmit this information to help farmers make more informed decisions regarding crop health and productivity.

Siddharth: I chose to work with these two labs because I have a background in electrical engineering and I wanted to continue working on robotics here at TAMS. I also decided I am interested in this work because I saw how my work has real impacts with scope, that would solve real problems in the real world.

As you said before you’re also involved with JETS robotics in addition to your research. So is engineering something you could see yourself doing in the future, perhaps at a university or as a career?

Siddharth: Yes, engineering is something that has been very important in my life for quite some time now, and I also see myself studying electrical or electromechanical engineering in college as my undergraduate degree. Also as you said, I see myself having a career in engineering, perhaps entrepreneurship or engineering design. Engineering was my main motivation to attend TAMS, and I hope to continue my interest all through these next two years, university, and finally in my career.

You said that it’s been important for some time now. When did you first discover that you had an interest in electrical/electrochemical engineering?

Siddharth: I first discovered this interest [in] building LEGOS around six, seven years old. I had been immediately interested in mechanical and structural building with LEGOS and created hundreds of contraptions. I had also been exposed to engineering throughout my childhood as both my parents were engineers, and I frequently visited a museum devoted to mechanical engineering. Over time, my passions developed and my skills expanded beyond LEGOS to more complex materials, which led me to LEGO robotics and eventually electromechanical projects of my own.

You also mentioned being involved in soccer through Sports Club. What has that experience been like?

Siddharth: Soccer in Sports Club has been very enjoyable so far. I have become close friends with several members on the soccer team, and I really admire the way Carter and Arinze coach practices. I always leave the field feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle any obstacle that life puts before me. Soccer really is a great way for me to destress and get in exercise while allowing me to improve my skills in a sport that I admire. TAMS soccer also has been a great experience in the way that it has brought many people from different backgrounds together, working to achieve a common goal while sharing a passion as a team. I think that TAMS soccer really has a shot this year achieving 1st place at SLAMT, and I’m looking forward to playing with them!

And was soccer something you had been doing before TAMS?

Siddharth: Yes, in fact, I [have] been doing it since I was around 7. I have always enjoyed playing soccer and meeting new people. It has been a way to enjoy the outdoors and continue my passion for competitive sports. I have enjoyed soccer through many clubs, and have connected with many people throughout my time, and I’m glad that I can continue it throughout TAMS.

Alright, last question. What are you looking forward to most at TAMS?

I don’t think I can simplify all that I am looking forward to at TAMS [into] one item, as I am passionate and excited for several things in my future at TAMS, including researching, working with other TAMS students on science fair projects, playing soccer with other students and improving my skills, competing in robotics at competitions, [competing in] hackathons, and generally just meeting new people and exploring new areas that I never thought were in my path until now! For example, I will try to make ICDC for DECA, and I [had] never thought about competing in that competition before. Overall, I am looking forward to exploring all these new opportunities with other TAMS students as I strive to advance my knowledge and be more curious.

Thanks for speaking with us, Siddharth.

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