Thritha Anand (Class of 2020)

We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.
— Bob Ross

What was your most memorable moment so far at TAMS?

“I think it was bonding with my roommate in the first week of school. We had a lot of fun experiences and we got to know each other really well.”

What advice do you have for upcoming Juniors?

“No matter how many L’s you take, it’s about finding the positivity in whatever happens, and I think that’s the key to motivation.”

Who was the most influential person at TAMS so far?

“I think Ms. Wendy because she’s so positive and she’s really supportive. I guess she makes it (TAMS) feel like home and she’s kind of like a mom.”

What was your happiest and saddest moment at TAMS?

“I think my saddest moment was having to leave home because I got really homesick because our family is really close, but the happiest moment was finding a community that was really supportive and making it a new home.”

Which McConnell Hall resident do you feel works well with you?

“My roommate, Shri (Mathavan). I just really work well with her.”

What do you think is your biggest achievement at TAMS?

“I feel like I’ve become a lot more independent, because when I was at home, I depended on my parents for a lot of things like chores. Here, however, I feel like I do more things on my own, like I feel more ready for life.”

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