Sophia Boisvert (Class of 2019)

And suddenly the word becomes, a part of I and I of it.
— Arthur Symons

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

“I really like knitting, knitting is a lot of fun. I watch a lot of really bad TV shows like Gossip Girl or Heart of Dixie, just really bad soap operas so I don’t have to think because I like all my limited brain power for school. I also really like rock climbing a lot as well. Knitting is probably my go-to though. I recently just finished my dad’s scarf. It was supposed to be his Christmas gift but I was a little late and I’m just starting on a new hat and a sweater, so I’m excited about those projects. I definitely won’t finish them by the end of the semester, but it keeps me busy.”

What was your most memorable moment at TAMS?

“I’d probably have to say on the first night of TAMS. I spent the part of the night in the hallway in really deep conversation with one of my friends and I think it was a really great introduction to TAMS and the community that’s here.”

Do you have any advice for incoming Juniors and upcoming Seniors?

“Make sure to make enough time for yourself. Plan out your time so you have time to study and attend clubs activities, but most importantly, make sure you have enough time to take care of yourself and for things you enjoy. If there’s a class you’re interested in but you don’t have the prerequisites for it, you can just email the teacher and they’ll usually just let you take it which is great because I didn’t take biology and I’m in a neuroscience class.”

Who was the most influential person for you?

“I’d have to say Cari Reinert. She’s been such a positive influence in my life. She’s such a good friend to me and she’s really been able to raise my spirits when I’m feeling down, so she’s just been a great person to have in my life and I’m glad that I have her in my friend. I mean, she helps me out, but seeing how dedicated to her clubs really inspires me, like she does so much with all of her activities and that fact just makes me want to try harder and better.”

Do you hold any exec or committee head positions? If so, how are those clubs or committees going?

I am, I'm the events coordinator for Naturally, the treasurer for SAGA, and the Vice President for TAMS Knit. All of them are doing great. Naturally is so much fun, I love my board, they’re fantastic. Campout’s coming up and I’m excited for that. We’re really putting in a lot of work and effort because it’s just something we enjoy doing and we like sharing the experiences with other people. SAGA’s really fun too. It’s fantastic. It’s really great to just hang out and talk to people and talk about a similar interests. Then TAMS Knit is, you know, just something I really enjoy doing.”

What do you think the best thing about TAMS is?

“The best thing about TAMS is probably the independence and the fact that you get to learn how to take care of yourself which I think is really good preparation for when we all go off to college soon. But it’s just really nice to know that you’re able to handle your own affairs and it’s just really comforting to have confidence in yourself.”

If you could redo one thing at TAMS, what would it be?

“I would definitely try to be more outgoing. It’s hard for me to make friends and I feel like I probably could have put in a lot more effort when I started at TAMS. I think I could know a lot more people a lot better if I had really tried. I know I still have some time, but it’s easier to start when everybody’s in the same kind of mind set, so that’s probably something I would try to do better.”

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