Emily Cao (Class of 2019)

I love Christopher William James II and Long Hai Tran

What are some fun facts about you?

“I’m a world champion for sparring for Taekwondo, that’s a pretty fun fact. I love track, I competed at the Junior Olympics. I also enjoy miniature things. Alongside Lainey Wang, I am addicted to caffeine.”

What was your most memorable moment at TAMS?

“Honestly, I’d say Driving Tomorrow as a whole. Just my experience being a part of that club. It just made my TAMS experience all the more better and I just had so much fun in it.”

Do you have any advice for the incoming Juniors and upcoming Seniors?

“Don’t commit yourself to too many things because it can get overwhelming really quickly. I remember in Junior year, I committed myself to all these clubs and committees because I was trying to get as much experience as possible especially when it came to first semester Senior year when you have college apps and your classes get slightly harder, it can get very overwhelming and you end up sacrificing your sleep in favor of participation for all these things. I’d just pick one or two things you enjoy and stick to it.”

If there was one thing you could improve at TAMS, what would it be?

“Honestly I don’t think I can think of anything just because TAMS gives us a lot of independence. So experience is what you make out of it and I think the restrictions they placed on us are good and I wouldn’t change any of that because I think the TAMS experience is very personalized.”

What do you think the best thing about TAMS is?

“The independence for sure. Like I said, it’s what you make out of it, especially if you know in what areas you want to grow before you come during TAMS, you’ll for sure find opportunities to do what you like.”

What are you plans after TAMS?

“I want to major in neuroscience and possibly get a second major in philosophy or business. After that, I’m trying to go to medical school and become a neurosurgeon. After college and school, I want to be a practicing neurosurgeon but I want to set up something on the side, probably a business that’s completely separate.”

Who influenced you the most at TAMS?

“I’d have to say Lainey Wang because I appreciate how every conversation we had isn’t small talk, like with other people that you’re not really good friends with or you’re just getting to know, you talk about superficial things that don’t really matter. But every conversation I’ve had with her has been really meaningful and it makes me think about things I haven’t thought about before.”

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