Ryan Chhong (Class of 2019)

Life is a journey.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

“Well, just watching YouTube, playing video games, coding, sleeping, hanging out with friends, just the usual suspects.”

What clubs are you involved in? How are they going?

“So I’m the Competitions Coordinator for CSO and I do Quizbowl and Forward Tutoring. They’re alright I suppose. For CSO, we’ve been doing a lot of competitions this semester. We’ll see how that goes this semester, hopefully it goes well. Quizbowl is just being Quizbowl. Just practicing, grinding it out for nationals. And for Forward Tutoring, I don’t really know what is going on, I just make the website work!”

What advice do you have for incoming Juniors and upcoming Seniors?

“Some advice? I’m not the best at giving advice. I guess there’s one thing to say. Just do what you really want to do. I’d say that’s about it. If you’re doing something you enjoy, just keep keep doing it. Even if you’re not the best at it, as long as you find it fun, that’s all that counts right. I mean, I’m not very good at coding, I just find it fun, so that’s why I keep on doing it.”

Who do you think has been the most influential person at TAMS for you personally?

“I think for most people I talk to, I’ve learned something from them like how to be a better person. I think anyone who I’ve talked to has had some sort of impact on me so I don’t really know who I’d say for this question.”

What were your happiest and saddest moments at TAMS?

“I’ve had lots of ups and unfortunately a lot more downs, so it’s really hard to say. I don’t really have, necessarily, a happiest or saddest moment."“

What do you think the best and worst things are about TAMS?

“I guess the best things is that it’s easier to get along with people. We’re one big nice community so we can talk to people and make friends I guess. And for bad things, I don’t really have much to comment on there. Maybe sometimes you get a lot a free time so just a lot of it could be wasted. For me, when I get really bored, I tend to fall down rabbit holes instead of doing the work that needs to be done tomorrow which causes me to stay up late every day.”

If there was one thing you could redo at TAMS, what would it be?

“There are a lot of things I wish I could redo, but even though there’s a lot of things I regret, like a lot of the time I think ‘why did I do that’, I think I’m okay with how things turned out. I don’t know, maybe I could have talked to more people or just talk more in general, but looking back on it, I think I’m satisfied, or somewhat satisfied, with my TAMS experience.

What are your plans after TAMS?

“I’m not really so sure at the moment. There’s the usual whammy of getting a degree. For me, it’s get a degree, get a job, make money. I want to travel a bit more though before I proceed to getting a job and whatnot. I haven’t really travelled that much and I think it’d be fun to travel once at least out of this country.”

What McConnell resident represents you the best?

“Oh, I don’t really know to be honest. I’m really agreeable with most to of the staff, I just honestly have no clue. Maybe like Balmore. He’s pretty quiet like me, sort of. I mean I try to be quiet, it sometimes doesn’t work out. I guess he seems really nice. That’s about it.”

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