Daniel Hahn (Class of 2019)

Homura did nothing wrong.

What are some fun facts about you?”

“I am the president of Anime Club at TAMS.”

How is Anime Club?

“We are not doing much, but we plan to do a few things by the end of the semester. For example exec application which we’ll do after the exec season.”

What advice do you have for incoming Juniors and upcoming Seniors?

For incoming juniors, if you think you are going to learn something, you are, but it’s not going to be as hard as you thought. The most important thing at TAMS is the interaction between people. TAMS is much more diverse than your previous school. But if you are just looking for studying, TAMS is probably not where you want to go to. For incoming seniors, do your college apps. And do your college apps.”

What is your most memorable moment at TAMS?

“The moment I found out my new roommate when I first came to TAMS. I got a random roommate choice, Caige Wheeler. We were both room rats, so we had quite interesting conversations.”

So you are a Korean citizen. How will that affect your future?

“I am a Korean citizen. I am also a Canadian citizen. It’s like the worst thing you could have right now. I can’t apply for 90% of the scholarships. On some college apps I am technically an international student so I’ll be rejected by all of those. If you are me at this situation, good luck.”

How do you escape the draft for Korean citizenship?

“Since I have two citizenships, I can just forget my Korean citizenship. I will be a Canadian.”

Who is best girl?

“My favorite waifu is definitely Tomori Nao from Charlotte, but best girl from which show is the question. Otherwise, yeah, that girl.”

What is your favorite anime?

“Favorite anime? Um. Probably Puella Magi Madoka Magica.”

Transcribed by Destiny Dong

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