Janrose Samson (Class of 2018)


What is your favorite memory from TAMS so far?

“It’s hard to choose, there’s so many! The moment that comes to the top of my head is mixer. It was nice to have a night out with some of my friends, just eating and relaxing. Especially after the stress of exams, it was a nice break. We went to Wingstop and then had frozen yogurt afterwards. We were able to make it back just in time to go to Naranja Cafe for boba! It was about to close, so literally as soon as we arrived we ran there!”

How do you think you have changed since coming to TAMS?

“I’ve definitely become more responsible when it comes to time management. I love everybody here. Everybody is super awesome, and it’s nice to have people with the same mindset and interests as you. My old high school wasn’t the best environment in that not everybody was as motivated as I am, so TAMS is a positive change.”

What is your favorite hobby and why?

“I like foreign affairs, but I wouldn’t really call that a hobby. I just like going to all the GA’s that I’m interested in, and learn more about, well, everything. I love to learn about the world and just different cultures, different things that happen around the world.

As an ambassador for the Japan-America society of Dallas/Forth Worth this summer, it was nice to go to a country that I’ve never been to before and learn about their culture, so I really like experiences like that. We got to spend a week in Japan, and we stayed with host families, so we really had the opportunity to be enveloped in the culture. That was just an amazing experience. We also went to a sushi belt place!

As a career, I’m looking towards international business and foreign affairs, but I really love biology and engineering, as well as the environmental sciences, so I’m thinking its either gonna be a double major or maybe a minor in one or the other. I’m seeing where TAMS takes me, so I like that I get to experience math and science while at the same time I get to keep up with my hobbies and interests.”

How are you making up for your parents’ absence in your life?

“This past summer I was out of the house a lot due to various trips, so through that, and experiences beforehand, I learned to be independent. I don’t really feel their absence that much. I mean there are closed weekends, and I get to talk to them on the phone, and nowadays it’s easier more than ever to communicate with people. I miss their food, and I miss being able to talk to them at the end of the day without having to pick up the phone and actually call them. But at the same time, I like being on my own and being able to make my own choices.”

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