Maya Duffy (Class of 2018)

Favorite thing about TAMS?
My favorite thing about TAMS must be how diverse the community is. Students come from all over Texas with different interests, hobbies, strengths, and personalities, and being able to people who are vastly different from the crowd I’d have regularly hung out with back in Austin has been a great experience. It’s also encouraged me to try a lot of new things, and made me a little bit more adventurous.

Hobbies or fun facts?
”I’m an ordained minister, and my hair is naturally gray.”

Why did you get ordained?
”Honestly, I saw a Parks and Rec episode where Tom was getting ordained for a last-minute wedding and made a comment about it being free to do online, so I tried it and it is (lol). Also, I think it’s kind of cool that I could legally officiate a marriage if I wanted to, so I’d say it was worth the 5-minute online form.”

What you look forward to most this semester?
”I’m involved in a lot of competitions this year, such as DECA and HOSA, that I’m excited about. I used to be very involved in speech and debate and I’ve been missing competing, so I’m pumped to get back into academic competitions. For DECA, Puja and I are doing competitive event planning, and for HOSA, I’m doing extemporaneous writing; I think I’ll do well with both of those because I think well on my feet. “

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