Has TAMS been what you expected it to be?

I think TAMS has been pretty much what I expected it to be academically, but I’ve definitely had a lot of surprises along the way. I’ve gotten close with people I never would have been friends with had I not come to TAMS, and it’s just really improved my life. I’m looking to continue to build stronger relationships with my seniors, my class, and next year’s juniors, because the relationships I’ve formed here so far are some of the best I’ve ever had.

What has your favorite TAMS memory been so far?

I’d probably say HOPE auction, because it’s something that’s completely unique to TAMS. There was a dance that weekend too, and that whole weekend was just another time to get even closer to my seniors, because we only have a few more months with them and they’ve been absolutely amazing so far. I also got one of my closest non-TAMS friends to spend the night at McConnell that weekend, so it was really cool to get the best of both worlds in terms of my life before and during TAMS.

What has had the most impact on your recent life?

My sister has definitely been one of the biggest influences on my recent life. I was 9 when she was born, and my dad was living in Minnesota while my mom was working long hours to support my sister and I. Having the responsibility of helping to raise her alongside my mom has given me a unique outlook on life, and I try to set an example for her in everything I do. The first thing I did when I came to TAMS was buy her a UNT T-shirt, and even though she doesn’t fully understand what TAMS is, I try to make her proud and set an example through what I do here.

Do you have any unique hobbies or skills?

I like to cook - I’d say that’s one of my biggest hobbies. I try to do it as much as I can, and I watch a lot of Food Network and food documentaries for inspiration. I’m also really into music, and I DJ’ed for some events over the summer. I’ve recently gotten into producing music and am trying to find more time in my daily life to focus on that, because it’s one of my favorite non-academic pursuits.

How do you feel being called Pretty Boi?

I was honestly pretty embarrassed at first but as time went on I just learned to embrace it and my inner pretty self. Along with this nickname, my inner koreaboo had been sparked as well. So how do I feel? Gr8.

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