Satya Suravaram (Class of 2020)

by Alex Zhang

Satya Suravaram, the latest TAMStar of the week, talked to us about his experiences with Science Olympiad, and his hopes for this academic year.

Satya Suravaram poses in a UNT parking lot. Photo taken by Raffer Li of Replay.

Satya Suravaram poses in a UNT parking lot. Photo taken by Raffer Li of Replay.

Satya, tell the people at TAMS a little about yourself. Which clubs are you involved with?

Satya: I’m mainly involved in JETS, of which I’m a Competitions Director. Along with my co-director Avi, I organize tryouts for Science Olympiad and Science bowl and host practices throughout the year. I’m also the Vice President of the Chess Club where we play casual and competitive chess and volunteer at the library.

And where can people go if they want to find out about JETS competitions?

Satya: So this whole past week actually (Monday - Saturday) were tryouts for Science Olympiad. More than fifty people tried out for the team and we are currently in the process of grading tryout papers and forming teams. The teams from this tryout will be going to the UT Austin Invitational and Cypress Falls Invitational competitions. For Science Bowl, we will be hosting tryouts closer to the end of first semester/beginning of the second semester as it is something that we do during the second semester whereas SciOly is something we start very early on.

Why did you make the decision to come to TAMS? What did you want most out of the experience?

Satya: I came to tams to get more experience in the computer science field with the classes here as well as research opportunities. I was also just tired of the whole 8 hour-day back-to-back classes at my old school and looked forward to more free time at TAMS so I could spend time doing things I enjoyed.

And what is it you enjoy doing in your free time?

Satya: I like to hang out with my friends and play basketball and ping pong in my free time. Also, I like to do origami and paper crafting.

After doing computer science at TAMS, could you see yourself continuing with it beyond TAMS?

Satya: Yeah definitely, I'm pretty interested in computer science and plan to major in it after TAMS.

What would you say was your favorite moment at TAMS?

Satya: Moving back in at the start of senior year was a memorable moment. It was nice to see everyone again after 3 months and also meet the new juniors.

And what advice would you give to any new juniors who are reading?

Don’t feel pressured to do all the things the people around you are doing just for the sake of being involved in everything. Definitely explore new activities to see what you might be interested in but stick with the ones that are most important to you. Also, don’t spend all your time studying and focusing on just your classes. Take some time out of your day/week to do something you enjoy.

Thanks for speaking with us, Satya.

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